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For Physicians

If you have patients diagnosed with GIST, you may want to consider referring them to the intrigue study.

The intrigue study is a Phase 3 clinical research study to assess efficacy and safety of DCC-2618 compared to sunitinib in patients with advanced GIST who have received prior treatment with imatinib.

Key study eligibility criteria include:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Histologic diagnosis of GIST (archival tissue sample or new biopsy required)
  • Disease progression on imatinib or documented intolerance to imatinib
  • ECOG PS of ≤ 2

Approximately 358 patients will be randomized 1:1 to receive either DCC-2618 (150 mg QD) or sunintinib (50 mg QD) in repeating 42-day treatment cycles. Patients will be eligible to receive DCC-2618 or sunitinib for up to 2 years. Study visits will be required during each cycle.

Please consider referring any potentially eligible patients for further evaluation.

Do you have a patient who may be eligible for the intrigue study?

For additional information about this study and how to refer a patient, please provide your contact information below. Thank you for your consideration.

Is the intrigue study an option for you or someone you know?

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